Growing up in Massachusetts, both the stormy environment of the sky and ocean and the patterns of light on forest floors have been inspirational. I love the surprise of painting, how the painting emerges with layers, hiding and revealing. For me, the process of painting is the most wonderful aspect. After receiving my degree in fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999, I realized that my artistic drive was not only relating to paintings, I love to create new beautiful objects, and transform spaces. I enjoy the immediate transformation and impact that changing paint colors, or creating an enormous rug can have on a space. I love working with clients, listening to what each job needs, and transforming each space to be more beautiful, helping each space be the best it can be. My interests in patterns begin primarily with fine art. The negative and positive sculptural shapes created by carving wood, stone, my painterly style of making art, and the off-set overlays fashioned by printmaking often influence my pattern design style. I conceptualize and draw patterns that I hand print on walls, floors, and ceilings in opaque paint or glazes. This passion with pattern lended itself to my desire to manufacture rugs, tile, millwork, and platters, I started the company Seraser. Always the finest quality, the rugs are hand knotted in Nepal using vegetable dyes. The platters can be gorgeous as large installations on walls, and the tile can be any pattern, shape or glaze. Being kind to the environment is always important to me, whether it is using No VOC paint, or vegetable dyes. I brought this passion for creating new artistic and beautiful spaces to bringing a team of other women together to form my high end painting business, Patina, and I have focused on creating unique spaces, working with individual clients, designers, architects, and builders for over ten years.

pauline curtiss

photography by Damianos Photography